• How Much Does It Cost to Store a Car for The Winter

Storing your car for the winter is easy, safe and well-understood. Storing cars for the winter is an excellent option for drivers who are concerned about their cars being damaged by the elements. The cost for storing a vehicle for the winter will depend on the size of your vehicle and how long you want to store it for. We are located in London, Ontario, Canada.

  • Winter Car Storage Ottawa

    Should I Start My Car During Winter Storage

Yes. You should start your car every two weeks during the winter storage to keep the battery from getting too low. You should start your car every couple of weeks while storing it during winter. This will help prevent corrosion caused by condensation.


  • Winter Car Storage Ottawa Price

Finding a cheap and secure winter car storage Ottawa price is essential for you to ensure that your vehicle is protected year round.

Car storage in Ottawa can be an excellent way to protect your investment. This is especially true if you are storing your car over the winter months.


  • Is It OK to Store a Car Outside for Winter

Leaving a vehicle outside during winter can cause problems depending on the weather conditions. Storing your car outside during the winter is not advisable,

Car Security For the Winter

We have been storing our vehicle for over 20 years and can definitely say storing your car for the winter has made for a whole lot of choice in that respect. Our choice was based on cost, ease of access, safety and of course, safety.


As we already mentioned safety was a key factor in our decision to store our car for the winter. Having been involved in vehicle security for over 20 years we know that accidents can't happen anytime but when they do, there is no doubt someone will be responsible for your vehicle.

For the past several years we have been involved in winter security projects where we would assist dealers in placing guards in the showrooms to protect showrooms and washrooms from any thefts that might occur.

Recently, we were asked to assist a local dealer in providing a 'lockout' button for customers to lock out their vehicle during extended periods of storage. Since cars generally hold a few important things and are relatively fragile, we thought some level of protection was necessary. The dealer was supplied with a Power Stick 'n unlocks' device and we added these to our list of things to do so that we could help build a safer environment for customers.

The Detroit Auto Show was a major inspiration in developing the immobilization button. The understanding given out by General Motors to develop this new feature was that it was required and wanted in the new Chevrolet Cobalt. It was also pointed out the disadvantages of existing devices like the transponder key and ignition, that they were not 100% effective.

Thus the transponder key and the ignition were made with a security code and required the transponder to be rekeyed each time the key was used. The General Motors security code was also designed with Fiat's Multi View outputs to allow the customer to drive with confidence. The Power Stick is a small device that fits between the driver and the windshield, enabling a more personalized level of security. It produces a loud beeping upon receipt of a transmission of activity of the vehicle.

The Power Stick automatically keyed by using a transponder. This is a very effective and expensive system. It is costly to install and whenever it is stolen, the transponder does not back up. The customer only has to provide the original Power Stick and it will program the device using the unique transponder key.


The car owners can take advantage of this system in two ways. They can either program it themselves or they can contact a dealer to have it done for them. In addition this system also supports the car alarm by allowing the customers to centralize the system and activate the alarm through a remote.

It is important to note in the operation of the system that both the ignition and the transponder keys are to be kept with the car in a safe place. To make sure that you are not locking your keys outside the car and inviting trouble, it is recommended that you place the keys inside the bonnet of the car. If you have any problem, contact your car dealer to get the keys moved to a safer place.



Why You May Want to Consider Winter Car Storage in Canada

Not sure if you need to store your car during the winter in Canada? Here are a few reasons to get your favorite vehicle into a safe, secure indoor facility:

coolant-to-water mixture can cause serious damage to your engine in freezing temperatures.

Rats and mice may crawl into your tailpipe or engine compartment looking for a dry place to live.

Your tires may lose air and go flat.

You'll have a safe place to store your car even if you don't have a garage.

If you do have a garage, you'll free up space for other needs and projects.

You'll have peace of mind knowing your car is in a safe, temperature-controlled building through the cold Canadian winter.

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