• Are Heated Garage Bad for Your Car

The temperature inside a garage can be substantially different than the outside temperature. The temperature of the air inside your heated garage may be higher than the temperature outside the garage. If the car is parked for an extended period of time in an enclosed heated garage, the inside of the car may be dangerously hot.


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    Is It Better to Keep Car in Garage

Keeping your vehicle in a garage is convenient for a few reasons. For one, you can store your car in a garage when it rains or snows. Also, a garage will keep your car safe from vandalism and theft. However, garages can sometimes be a fire hazard. It is better to keep your car in the garage for the first three to four years of its life.


  • How to Store Classic Car in Garage

To store your classic car in the garage, you should park it on a solid surface, so it will not move or be moved. To store a classic car in a garage, you might want to use a car cover to protect it from dust.


  • Storing a Car for 6 Months

A car is a valuable asset so storing it can be tricky. If you are planning to store your car for six months, you might want to consider the following points. Using a Self-Storage Facility A self-storage facility is a good option for storing a car for more than a month or two. It is easy to access your vehicle at any time. You can even park your car inside the facility for added protection. At Canada Car Storage, we offer 5 different storage types: Indoor, Outdoor, Drive-up, Open, and Container.


How to Store Your Car

We are specialists in RV ( Recreational vehicle), ATV and water craft storage. We are members of the Canadian Auto Association as well the National Auto Association. We are proud members of the Canadian Provinces Association of Imports and Export Developing Business's Automotive Industry Development Effort.

We have a team of experienced, six-passenger RV storage specialists, and a group of storage consultants who can assist you with your storage needs whether you're planning to store a classic or an exotic car, a delivery van or boat, or have recreational vehicles or other vehicles that need to be kept safe and dry.

We use state of the art alarm system and video surveillance systems for both security and comfort. The cost of storing your vehicle is now within your control. All you have to do is provide us with a secure online storage account where you can store all your prized possessions. As well, we offer a free shuttle service for those who need help navigating the M1 and its offramps.

We care about you and your vehicle. Let us do the work for you.


How often should a vehicle in storage be driven?

To keep all components in working order, your vehicle should be driven at least twice a month. Even for short-term seasonal storage, it's a good idea to run the engine every two weeks or so for several minutes, allowing it to warm up its normal temperature, which is between 75 – 105⁰ C, depending on the make of your car.

Source: publicstoragecanada.com


When can I bring my vehicle into storage?

You can start storing your vehicle on the same day that you rent your storage space. You must ensure that your vehicle is insured, and that you have proof of ownership. We also recommend that you properly prepare or winterize your vehicle for self-storage beforehand.

Source: publicstoragecanada.com


Can I reserve a vehicle storage unit?

Absolutely! You can reserve a storage unit at a location near you up to 30 days before your move-in date. Reservations can be easily made online, toll-free via telephone , or in person at the rental office on-site. We will make sure that your preferred space is available at the location of your choice with your quoted rate and promotion locked in. To learn more, visit our Reservations and Renting a Storage Unit page for further information.

Source: publicstoragecanada.com


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