winter car storage ottawa

We have over 32 years of experience in the storing valuable vehicles of all kinds. Store your classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or other recreational vehicles with us at any time during the year as we are a four-season storage facility.

Winter Car Storage Ottawa

Winter Car Storage Ottawa

 Over the winter season, it’s a good idea to store your car and protect it from the cold and salt that will damage its exterior and undercarriage. Once it’s time to bring your car back to life, follow these steps: 1. Wash off the salt and the grime from the winter. You can use a pressure washer or a hose with a brush. If you use a pressure washer, make sure to cover the windows and the mirrors first. 2. Use a soft cloth and a cleaner for vinyl and leather to give the interior a good wipe. 3. Use a damp cloth and a cleaner for vinyl and leather to clean the dash and the door panels.

Car Storage Rates

OUTDOOR (7 DAYS): 139.00 

Detailing Rates

Quick Inside & Out $75.00

Interior Detailing Package $135.00

Exterior Touchless Wash $9.95

The Canada Car Storage Difference

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Whether you live in Ottawa, or are driving in from further afield, like Cornwall, Kingston or the Ottawa Valley, if you’re flying out of Ottawa International Airport and are looking for short-term or long-term car storage, we offer safe, reliable complimentary airport car pick up service you can count on.


Travel is easier with Canada Car Storage. We meet and welcome you at the departure location with door-to-door service, and keep careful watch over your vehicle while you’re away. Our service is friendly, secure, comfortable and cost-effective; there’s simply no better way to begin and end your trip.