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Contractors in labor-intensive industries such as construction are required to have specialized insurance. For instance, contractors insurance in Ontario covers workers’ compensation liabilities, among other specified risks. Although you can choose whether or not to have risk coverage, you must carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

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What Is Contractor Insurance?

Insurance for contractors refers to different types of insurance that cover claims from damages caused by contractors to third parties. Contractors require insurance for multiple reasons:

  • As a requirement of the law.
  • The client needs coverage to award the contract.
  • To protect contractors from financial loss due to accidents, injury, or a lawsuit.

Examples of contractors insurance include:

  • Specialty Coverage – The coverage will depend on your area of specialization. For instance, you may need a type of insurance known as Pollution if your work involves removing hazardous substances like asbestos from an old building.
  • Tools And Equipment – With this plan, you’ll be reimbursed if your equipment and tools are damaged or stolen.
  • Commercial General Liability – This policy covers you in the event that an injury or property damage occurs while working. It may cover legal and medical expenses too.

Cost of Contractors Insurance

The amount you’ll pay for contractors insurance will increase based on various factors:

Type Of Trade – Certain businesses come with more risks, such as roofing companies, meaning your rates will be higher.

Number Of Workers – Unlike a one-person business, if you’ve employed a couple or many employees, you’ll pay more for insurance due to increased risk.

Annual Revenues – As a large contractor working on huge projects, you’ll require more coverage.

Requirements For Contractor Insurance

The law requires many businesses to have contractor insurance. To ensure you’re in compliance, verify your provincial requirements for your specific trade. Additionally, a majority of provinces, including Ontario, demand workplace safety insurance to cover employees should they get injured on the job. Even when you’re not obligated by the law to have insurance, it’s still crucial to get affordable contractor insurance in case of unexpected accidents. You’ll only spend less yet have peace of mind that you, your team, and your company are protected.

It’s important to note that subcontractors are typically not covered under contractors insurance as they’re placed in a different category. As such, it’s important to hire subcontractors with their own insurance. Further, the subcontractors should give you all the details concerning the coverage. With the appropriate insurance coverage, your company will be protected from lawsuits and financial disasters.

On the other hand, if you work with subcontractors who don’t have insurance or those with inadequate coverage, you could be left liable for any accidents or damages they cause.

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