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You now have a new vehicle in Edmonton. Hurray! But now, there’s a problem. You might be contemplating what sort of protection you could mount on your vehicle. Have you considered a garage or a carport? What are the differences, and which is best to fulfill your vehicle’s needs? Worry no more; this article has it all addressed.

Some dictionaries highlight these words as synonymous, but that is not true, though they are both similar. While garages are buildings used to store vehicles such as cars, carports, on the other hand, are roofed structures usually attached to a house and not fully enclosed like garages, but with at least one side open to the outdoors for storing vehicles like cars and also boats!


  • Appearance

Both garages and carports carry different forms and styles. Some garages may even be freestanding structures, while others are adjoined to the house. Still, unlike garages, carports have no walls, but they could be made of bricks, stones, and sometimes wood. They could even be as simply looking as tarps, with the outlook of carport covers.

  • Cost

Before considering opting for one of the two, one must not neglect the price factor. Carports and portable shelters may only cost a few hundred dollars, but in comparison with a garage, the price is simply astronomical — all depending on the main house.

  • Permits and Regulations

In every part of the world, garages are required to conform to specific standards used for constructing homes because they are also considered living areas. They’re mandated to have electricity and are often required to be flame-repellant and insulated. Carports, on the other hand, are not seen as living spaces and thus do not conform to those standards.

  • Installation

One article on the net says, “No matter what type of carport you erect, it is likely to be a faster, easier installation than a garage.” How true is that? Carports can be quickly installed in just a matter of hours or, at most, a few days. However, garages require four walls to begin with, and depending on the size and interior pattern, may take several days to weeks to complete.

  • Maintenance

The economic size and structure of carports prevent you from creating unnecessary clutter, ensuring you always have a secure place to park your vehicle. Sadly, the same cannot always be said of a garage. Over time, they become a place to dump pieces of stuff unneeded at the moment (such as spare tires), sometimes enough that householders start parking their cars outside!

In conclusion, although a garage has several benefits, such as increased value in a property when it’s time for resale, a carport in a home is much more preferable, not even prioritizing the fact that it’s cheaper and easier to maintain over the years.

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