It’s safe to say most Canadians are not jet-setting to faraway vacation destinations this summer. Rather, they are buying or renting RVs. It is an exciting way to hit the road and explore Canada’s own backyard. So, where will you store your motorhome when not using it? It’s time to start thinking about RVs storage options.

Choose the best RVs storage service

A toy like your recreational vehicle allows you to get the most out of outdoor activities, as you can comfortably explore different sceneries. However, it comes with a big challenge – storage.

The good news is that you can find affordable and reliable RV storage services. Whether you need outdoor, indoor, or covered storage, you can still find the right services to ensure your endeavors are not derailed. Here are important factors to consider when choosing RVs storage services.

1. Security

The main reason you are considering RV storage services is to make sure that your motorhome is safe. You need a storage facility that won’t expose your precious asset to the negative impact of weather, vandalism, theft, and other risks.

Choose a facility with a robust security system. Some of the important security features include surveillance cameras, secure locks, and an active access control system. The point is, choose a facility that can protect your RV.

2. The facility’s reputation

What are other RV owners saying? Assessing a storage facility’s reputation is now more simplified with online ratings and customer testimonials. While checking reviews online, pay attention to what consumers praise or complain about.

From the company’s official website, kick your efforts a notch higher, and check independent review. Be sure to check the company’s rating on business listing platforms such as Google My Business and Yelp for unbiased reviews and ratings.

Settle for RVs storage company with an outstanding reputation, nothing less.

3. Available storage space

Does the storage facility have sufficient space for your RV’s dimensions? You don’t want to go through RVs storage-related hassles, such as waiting for a user to move their RV to get enough space for your motorhome. Choose a facility with enough space where you can easily move your recreational vehicle in and out.

4. Accessibility 

Can you access the storage facility comfortably? Storing your RV tens of miles away, for instance, adds the hassle of traveling again after and before outdoor trips. As such, while picking RVs storage service, it’s recommended to go for a location that’s easy to access.

Choosing a facility that operates 24/7 allows you to access the RV whenever you need it. This level of convenience could improve your vacation experience.

5. Storage costs

Your budget is an important determiner of what you can finance. While considering the cost, nonetheless, you should not prioritize what you are spending over other critical considerations such as the safety of your expensive asset.

For example, you don’t want to keep your RV in an unreliable facility where it can be ‘creatively vandalized’ – replaced with an older model.

Choose an affordable service that offers sufficient storage space, reliable security, and the level of convenience you seek.


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